addressing homelessness.

The surge of homelessness is becoming an urgent reality for many in our city. On any given night, there are approximately 950 homeless individuals in Santa Monica. In the greater LA region, that number is closer to 58,000. Rising rents, stagnant wages, and a decreased supply of affordable housing means that over 13,000 people in LA County lose their housing every month.


what we are doing.

We’re making strides to address homelessness — and we’re doing it together.

We are providing special funding.

  • In November of 2017, the City of Santa Monica authorized $1.4M in one-time funds to roll out an Action Plan that works to address homelessness from all angles — engaging outreach workers and key staff from the Police, Library, and Fire Departments — so we can get people into housing and connected to services. These funds are in addition to the annual $2.8M given toward homeless service grants.

We are expanding City programs.


people experiencing homelessness



one-time funds to support immediate Action Plan



annual Homeless Service Grants to local non-profits


We are supporting historic County initiatives.

Residents across LA County overwhelmingly voted to pass Measures H and HHH, which work to provide services, prevent homelessness, and finance the construction of affordable permanent-supportive housing for those without shelter.

  • Track the progress for new supportive housing projects in your area here.

  • Follow what the County is doing at and check out, United Way’s "Everyone In" campaign for supportive housing.

Want to understand the issue more? 

what you can do.

connect to services.

If you are an adult or family experiencing homelessness, contact the Westside/Service Planning Area (SPA 5) lead St. Joseph Center

If you are a youth experiencing homelessness, contact the Westside/Service Planning Area (SPA 5) lead Safe Place for Youth

If you are a veteran experiencing homelessness, contact New Directions for Veterans

If you see vulnerable people living on the street, contact L.A. County Homeless Outreach Portal (LA-HOP)

download the resources.

Our homelessness toolkit (available in both English and Spanish) is designed to help the Santa Monica community know what to do and how to make a difference when faced with the reality of homelessness in our city. Similarly, our FAQ is a resource to help you understand the issue better and dispel any myths or incorrect assumptions. Click the banners to view and download.